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3rd May 2016

Sing On is something that we do every two weeks and it is so fun. It’s a chance to show off what you can do. We are all excited for the concert we will be performing in.      Heather, Year 4

We had an enterprise day with Willington School. It was really fun because we got to do lots of activities to do with the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. There were ten teams: Argentina, India, Morocco, Japan, China, South Africa and more.      Oli H, Year 4

The Rotakids Woodland Walk was in Campton Woods. It was really fun because I learned that trees can grow sideways, that they used to train spies at Chicksands and also there were wooden sculptures hidden around the wood.      Ted, Year 3

I like singing with Willington School. I was able to make new friends and sing some new songs. It was such fun.            Jack, Year 3

In PE, the Oaks are learning about tennis. Mrs Sawford-Smith is teaching us. There is a man called Dan who we are getting information from on a dvd. We are learning backhand now. It’s really interesting.      Suki, Year 3

In the Oaks, our topic is Rumble in the Jungle. It’s all about the rainforest. The classroom looks great with a green net in one of the corners and a tree. We also have a board which we sometimes put facts and poems on, which I think is a great idea. We have learnt about animals and plants so far.      Emily, Year 4